Kefalonia Cuisine

Kefalonia Island is famous for its local traditional cuisine. Thanks to its special climate with plenty of rain, the fertile earth produces the best in quality and variety of agricultural products. The Kefalonia diet includes the most delicious olives, olive oil, wine, feta cheese, fruits and vegetables.

Visitors should definitely taste the famous kreatopita, mpakaliaropita, aliada, kolokuthokorfades as well as feta cheese and don’t miss the local wine - Rompola.

The restaurants and traditional tavernas of Kefalonia are the best choice for enjoying local favourites. Ask your waiter for his choice to get an idea of what to try! Returning home you can keep great memories of Kefalonia with you, by buying some island products such as local wine, honey, olive oil, mandoles and kudonopasto.

Taste the traditional cuisine of Kefalonia. It will surely be a mouthwatering experience!